Oct 11

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This forum is meant to be a platform for survivors of emotional and psychological child abuse to share their stories and network with others. Sharing your experiences can be scary, but I encourage anyone who is comfortable to share their story. Every child deserves love, and every survivor has worth and purpose in this world.


I was psychologically abused as a child by my biological mother. Although the road has not been easy, I have learned positive coping mechanisms that allowed me to be successful and create this nonprofit to help others like myself. It was easy to believe negative thoughts about myself that were planted in my developing brain by my mother. After support from friends and family, I came to understand that I did nothing to deserve my maltreatment as a child. I now hope to help support others in the same way.

This is my husband and 3 dogs - I could not make it through life without them. From left to right: Calypso (German Shepherd/Husky), Rhea (Belgian Malinois), and Jazzy (Black lab).

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